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The Formacoat Formula

“What do you want and why? While this may seem like a basic concept for those seeking medical device coating solutions, it is one that often times can be overly complicated and even missed altogether. We’re continually amazed at how important the answers are to those seemingly simple questions. Before we offer answers to your biomedical coating challenges, we want to know what you care about, even what the customer who use your device care about. By digging deeper and listening to our customer’s needs, we gain a better understanding of what you need that leads to improved results, sooner.”

Mark Gross, CEO and Owner of Formacoat®


Our biomedical device customers range from individual doctors and small start-ups to esteemed biomedical device companies and large international medical device firms. Formacoat has the experience and depth of knowledge to benefit a wide array of customers, from healthcare device companies to innovative medical startups. Regardless of your company’s size, Formacoat is your trusted partner for all your coating requirements.

Equipped with the latest in medical technology, Formacoat boasts state-of-the-art biomedical coating equipment, facilities, and coatings, ensuring we can address any coating challenge. Our vast experience and creativity drive us to innovate continuously, allowing us to coat a diverse range of devices, from OD, ID’s, stents, and balloons to flat films, foils, mesh, and uniquely shaped medical devices using an extensive array of biomedical materials.
At Formacoat, we believe that while no medical device coating is inherently flawed, the right coating chemistry can make a significant difference. Imagine owning both a Ferrari and a pickup truck. The Ferrari, while being a luxury automobile, wouldn’t be your go-to for hauling plywood from the lumber yard. Similarly, coatings need to be tailor-made for specific applications.

Leveraging two decades of biomedical device coating expertise, we harness our accumulated knowledge and rigorous testing protocols to identify the optimal coating for your needs. If a specific coating doesn’t meet your expectations, our partnerships with numerous vendors allow us to pivot swiftly, applying insights from initial experiments to different types of coatings. This means you won’t have to repeatedly explain your medical device’s intricacies, as you might with multiple coating vendors. And, while these medical device coating vendors might be restricted to their specific coatings and chemistries, Formacoat’s comprehensive approach ensures you receive the best solution in terms of functionality, compatibility, and cost. Our streamlined process ensures efficient and effective project completion, maximizing both time and monetary investments.

Our most common contract manufacturing service request is for medical devices to be coated with hydrophilic coatings to reduce friction. These coatings, activated by water, drastically reduce friction, often outperforming common medical device materials, including the likes of Teflon and other fluorinated surfaces. At Formacoat, our collaborations with multiple vendors amplify our hydrophilic coating technologies and chemistries.

Since our inception in 2002, Formacoat has continuously expanded its offerings. Today, we provide a plethora of coatings, from hydrophilic and hydrophobic to Surface-blocking/Anti-fouling, Anti-Microbial, Heparin, Collagen, and PSA/Adhesive coatings. We’re also enhancing our range of PTFE and other fluorinated coatings, catering to diverse temperature requirements. These coatings are primarily cured through thermal means or ultraviolet light exposure. With a catalog boasting over 90 distinct coatings from more than 45 different vendors, Formacoat is a hub for varied coating solutions, employing methods like dip, spray, graft, and roll for standard medical devices such as catheters, micro-catheters, tubing, guidewires, and more.

At Formacoat®, if you can envision it, we can coat it!

“A merry band of wizards, blending new and trusted technologies with cutting edge ideas. From understanding the problem to finding multiple option solutions, Formacoat is our go-to for any contract manufacturing, engineering and design work inquiries that come our way. Save the time, go to Formacoat.”

Andrew Kiezulas
Coatings2Go, LLC