Coating Type

Traditional hydrogels

The main class of hydrophilic coatings called “hydrogels.” A hydrogel coating absorbs water and swells upon contact with water. These wetted polymers give these coatings their lubricious feel and excellent friction reducing properties.

Micro-hydrophilic coatings

These are thinner coatings that do not swell appreciably on contact with water but that do present a robust hydrophilic surface that can be used in certain situations to good effect to reduce the contact angle on a substrate. They are not lubricity enhancing coatings.

Nano-hydrophilic coatings

Do not swell on contact with water, so they are not lubricious but they can reduce the contact angle to good effect for certain specialized needs.

Nano-hydrophilic liquid applied coatings

These nano-thicknesses, non-ceramic inorganic coatings, may work better on more substrates but as niche coatings have more limited applications.

Hydrophobic coatings

Several Low temperature annealing varieties suitable for some applications. These are not the classic, pigmented varieties that require high temperatures to anneal such as found on metal guidewires.

Coating capabilities

Roll-to-roll film coatings

  • Capable of coatings up to 17” (43cm) wide.
  • Depending on the film thickness, we can handle hundreds of yards in length.
  • Our advanced technology may also be extendable to mesh and screen materials, offering a wider range of coating solutions.

Plasma Surface Preparation

  • New! We’ve introduced a multi-gas capable commercial plasma for enhanced coating precision.
  • Chamber capacity up to 68” (172cm) long in a straight configuration, accommodating a range of product sizes.
  • We also provide atmospheric plasma options tailored for select needs, ensuring optimal coating outcomes.

OD Coated Products (Catheters and Tubing, etc.)

We have significantly increased our batch capacity for many products, ensuring competitive per unit pricing.

Our streamlined process for our most standard coatings means reduced R&D trials, lowering both cost and time to reach commercial production.


ID coated products

We house specialized processes and equipment dedicated to products requiring hydrophilic hydrogel ID coating, ensuring quality and consistency in every application.

Device Coating

Broad experience with devices and substrates

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