Proprietary coating technology for stents

Stent coating services

Formacoat can provide stent coating services for your specific stent coating production for current and future needs. We have developed proprietary coating methods and technology to uniformly and reproducibly coat neuro, coronary and peripheral stents. Coating services are provided for both device manufacturers and academic institutions for a variety of applications, and we have clean room stent coating production capabilities. Response to customer needs and requirements is paramount and we will provide services ranging from coating formulation (drug, no drug, polymer, solvent carrier) to stent crimping and sterilization. We have coating experience in processing both permanent (biostable) and biodegradable polymeric formulations on metallic and biodegradable stent substrates. We have coated a variety of stent sizes including small configurations for mouse implantation and drug testing, a “mouse stent” with a 0.635 mm diameter and an overall length of 2.5 mm; and large diameter peripheral devices with a 7.00 mm diameter and an overall length of 100 mm.

Key services

  • Coat stents with polymer or polymer and drug
  • Provide coating weights of polymer, drug, by use of 0.1 microgram Mettler UMX5 balance
  • Provide formulation guidance, including the selection of polymer, solvent, and drug to polymer ratio

Secondary services

  • Inspection and sorting both bare metal stents (BMS) and biodegradable stents
  • Cleaning stents
  • The application of primer(s)
  • Providing stents
  • Providing balloon catheters
  • Crimping of stents onto catheters
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization
  • Other unique customer services