Precision Medical Device Coating Technologies for Complex Device Types & Substrates

Device Types

We specialize in a vast array of medical coatings, from hydrogel coating and silicone coating to hydrophobic coating and beyond. Our depth of experience encompasses diverse medical devices, from inner and outer diameters to complex shapes, all enhanced with anti-microbial properties and other specialized biocompatible coatings.

  • Stents
  • Films up to 17” (41 cm) wide
  • Micro-Catheters
  • Drug Delivery Catheters
  • Stent Delivery-System Catheters
  • Embolic Capture Devices
  • Medical Device Balloons
  • Component Level Materials
  • Hypo Tubes
  • Micro-well plates
  • IOL Insertion Cartridges and other ophthalmic devices
  • And, in some situations, medical device Implants

Device Substrates

We’re proud to offer an expansive array of medical coating technologies. Unlike many medical device contract manufacturing coating companies, we aren’t bound by a single vendor’s capabilities or limitations. This allows us to harness the best in hydrophobic coating, silicone coating, hydrogel coating, and biocompatible coatings for medical devices tailored to specific substrate and application needs. Our material expertise ranges from PVC, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, PEBAX®, to innovative materials like PebaSlix, Aramids, and Silicones. And if your requirement is unique? Well, challenge us! From polymers to metals and beyond, we’re equipped to Coat It Right with flexible biocompatible coatings and more.

Given the vast array of hydrophilic “coatable” device types, our proficiency in medical device compatible substrates is equally broad. If your desired material isn’t listed, we’re eager to explore the possibility of creating the perfect lubricious coating solution for you, ensuring scalability and consistency in application.

  • Silicone
  • PebeSix
  • Nylon
  • PEEK

Stent Coating

Proprietary coating technology for stents

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