Developing relationships, meeting challenges

The Formacoat family

Incorporated in 2002, Formacoat is located in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. Our roots come from the diverse community of Twin Cities companies that have made our area a world center for the medical device and life science industries. Their brand new 38,000 square foot facility, with 3 – Level 7 clean rooms totalling 8,400 square feet of Cleanroom space, combined with a catalogue of over 90 different types of coatings from 45 different vendors all over the world, Formacoat stands at the ready to take our customer’s concept to cash flow!

As a uniquely positioned medical device coating services contract manufacturer, Formacoat is dedicated to providing value to its customers around the world by improving the design, functionality and performance of their clients’ medical devices. They work expertly with their customers to improve medical device functionality and performance. Through aligned objectives and collaborative efforts, Formacoat makes the tools of medicine run smoother.

Formacoat are THE specialists in providing coating-engineered application solutions utilized in sophisticated medical device design and development for scalable, dependable production. In their offerings from different coating vendors, they have a variety of different technologies to choose from which include Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic, Surface-blocking and Anti-fouling, Anti-Microbial, Heparin, Collagen and PSA/Adhesive. They have thermal cure, UV cure and grafting coating technologies as well. And with their vast array of equipment and technology, they are the experts in our field when it comes to coating Stents, Catheters, Guidewires, Mesh and Films. You name it, Formacoat can coat it!

Our Leadership Team

Mark Gross

CEO & Founder
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Mark Gross, our Founder and CEO, has an educational and industrial background that spans the fields of biology, chemistry and engineering. This includes wide ranging and varied functional roles in the development, manufacture, and commercial uses of hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating materials. With his expertise, passion, vision and resources, Mark founded Formacoat in 2002 to support key customers and vendors capitalizing on his extensive hydrophilic materials, medical device, and hydrophilic coatings experience in the medical device world.

Today, Mark and his team are focused on high value, fast and economically efficient R&D and validation work and excellent commercial pricing for leading edge but classic catheter type products.

Mark’s quest to provide a contract coating service with one technology has evolved into a one-stop approach to coating medical devices. This approach allows your team to focus on your core expertise, and our team to go through the market and technology options for you. When done this way, any nuances learned with a first coatings option are not lost if we decide to go to a different option. Our extensive experience with the demands of different devices, and native creativity allows us to rapidly solve your issues, or, for a simple device, just make it happen fast!

Mark has been developing relationships with different vendors to provide a broad array of different coating technologies to help customers meet specific needs. He continues to drive Formacoat toward excellence in serving customer coating needs, solving unique challenges, and providing an excellent value added service at an efficient price.

And, always, there is the enjoyment of creating win-win relationships in the process.