Posted June 3, 2024

Upcoming Webinar with Formacoat VP Todd Paulsen

June 6, 2024, online

Formacoat Webinar

Formacoat, a leading provider of contract medical device coating services, is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar on June 6, 2024 entitled, “How a Diverse Coating Selection Can Help Accelerate Development of Medical Devices”.

Join Formacoat, LLC Vice President Todd Paulsen for this upcoming webinar, where he will explore innovative ways to reduce the development timelines of medical devices. The company has a reputation for thinking outside the box in developing solutions, with a unique company culture that encourages innovation through experimentation.

Formacoat’s R&D team is willing to take on virtually any challenge and has been incorporating 3D printing and CAD to develop the optimum solution for medical device coatings. Using GlobalData Healthcare analysis, we will also cover the latest trends in medical devices and learn how the future is shaping up.

Key topics for discussion

  • The typical barriers to getting a medical device to market
  • Why coatings should be considered far earlier in device development
  • The technologies that are making a difference in development timelines
  • How The Formacoat Formula quickly gets to the root of the issue

Date – 6th June 2024

Time – 3pm London / 10am New York

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Formacoat Webinar