Contract Medical Device Coating Services

Formacoat has been steadily increasing its capabilities with advanced processing technologies, tooling, techniques and an expanded equipment repertoire.


  • New! Roll-to-Roll Film Coating with medical device coatings:
    • Up to 17" (43cm) wide
    • Depending on the film thickness, hundreds of yards in length.
    • This technology may also be extendable to mesh and screen materials.
  • Plasma Surface Preparation:
    • New! Multi-gas capable commercial plasma
      • Chamber capacity up to 68" (172cm) long in a straight configuration.
    • Atmospheric plasma options for select needs
  • OD coated products (catheters and tubing, etc.)
    • We have significantly increased our batch capacity for many products, allowing lower per unit pricing.
    • For our most standard coatings process development and R&D trials can likely be minimized, reducing the overall cost and time to get to commercial production.
  • ID coated products:
    • Specialized processes and equipment for products needing hydrophilic hydrogel ID coating.

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