Broad experience with devices and substrates

Device types

We won’t presume to present an exhaustive list of potential part types or geometries within those types. That said, Formacoat’s experience includes coating the inner and outer diameters, or the complex component shapes, of the following medical device types with anti-microbial properties, among others:

  • Stents
  • Films up to 17” (41 cm) wide
  • Micro-Catheters
  • Drug Delivery Catheters
  • Stent Delivery-System Catheters
  • Embolic Capture Devices
  • Medical Device Balloons
  • Component Level Materials
  • Hypo Tubes
  • Micro-well plates
  • IOL Insertion Cartridges and other ophthalmic devices
  • And, in some situations, medical device Implants

Device substrates

With an array of vendors and their diverse technologies to choose from for you, we are not limited to what any one coating vendor’s abilities and limitations are. From this broad spectrum, we can pick from the best materials and technologies for your substrate and application. Materials range from PVC, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, PEBAX® to new materials like PebaSlix, to Aramids and Silicones to, well, you tell us! From polymers, metals and more…We’ll Coat It Right!

Just as potentially hydrophilic “coatable” device types are numerous, medical device compatible substrates have a broad range as well. If your material isn’t included in the following list, let’s talk and explore the possibility of applying the right lubricious coatings for you in a scalable, repeatable fashion together.

  • Silicone
  • PebeSix
  • Nylon
  • PEEK

Stent Coating

Proprietary coating technology for stents

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