Contract Medical Device Coating Services

We Collaborate with Different Coatings Vendors to Bring Your Custom Coating Solutions to Life

There is no one "best" medical device coating. Some are really good in some situations, and not so in others. Some may work better than one situation needs, and end up costing that way too. Medical device performance requirements have become progressively more demanding over time. Formacoat works with different coating formulators who offer different coating chemistries and technologies. We use these different technologies to address the specific needs and challenges of each device in creative, robust and cost efficient ways. Formacoat's expertise provides a powerful partner in this niche area of medical device coatings.

In our offerings from different coating vendors, we have a variety of thermal cure and UV cure technologies possible to choose from. By working with Formacoat, our knowledge of your device and needs gathers momentum if first options don't work as well as expected, rather than you having to start all over with another vendor. When starting out with initial comparative studies, we can do comparison friction testing to augment your own functional testing.

Our wide range of knowledge and expertise in coating process development results in scalable application processes, equipment and device specific tooling for effective coating. This gives an edge to our customers who are searching for the best, most appropriate coating for their device.

The Formacoat team's extensive career experience with medical device coatings and scalable manufacturing processes provides a rich and diverse perspective to get to the right solutions from the different coating offerings our vendors provide. With these tools we are able to improve medical device manufacturers' devices the world over.

Formacoat also seeks out and helps to develop new and emerging coating technologies for challenging niche applications, both in the medical device arena and other areas, where it may make sense to advance solutions for product needs that didn't exist before.

Click here to learn how our founder, Mark Gross, an expert in hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, and Formacoat, can help you meet your coating challenges.